Slow as you go!

Slow as you go!

After the very heavy rains recently, there was more water flowing over this cascade at Marks Hall Estate (at the bottom end of the lower lake) than I've seen before.

I'd normally shoot a scene like this on a tripod but, armed with my new-ish Z 6, I thought it was time to try the built-in image stabilisation. The minimum I usually shoot hand-held is 1/125 sec. So, on a gloomy day, with the ISO set at its lowest and with a small aperture, this was really going to test it. Impressive!

While I still prefer to use a tripod, it's handy to know you can shoot so slow hand-held when you need to.

Nikon Z 6 - Z24-70mm - ISO 100 - 1/5 sec @ f/11